My "Impossible" List.


I'm fairly certain you've heard of a good ol' bucket list: a comprehensive list of every incredible thing you intend to do before you die. I think I've been keeping a growing bucket list ever since I was a child; dreaming of meeting Disney channel stars and attending Hogwarts.

The issue with bucket lists is that they're so often crumpled into a cupboard somewhere, forgotten, uncompleted. Tempting a much easier, more mundane life. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't guilty of choosing to forget my so-called dreams.

Cue My Impossible List.

Put simply, the Impossible List is an ever-evolving list of experiences that build upon each other, help others as well as yourself, and implore you to take action; when you tick off a goal, you expand and evolve the goal. Posted publicly, this list is a promise to begin ticking goals off; to keep these promises in mind when shaping your life.

This is a list of progress and accountability. I'm so excited to watch my life unfold around it.



Fitness/Health Goals:

Run a 5k (completed Park Run December 2018)

  • run 5k in under 25 mins (completed Sept 2018 24min55)

  • run 5k in under 23 mins

Run 50 Park Runs

Run an organised 10k (completed 31st March 2019)

  • run 15k

Run a half marathon

Complete Tough Mudder

Go vegan for 30 days (completed Feb 2016)

  • be vegan for 3 years (completed Feb 2019)

  • be vegan for 5 years

Learn how to do a headstand (completed March 2018)

  • learn how to do headstand without a wall

Learn how to do a crow confidently

Professional/Creative Goals:

Achieve 100,000 subscribers on YouTube (completed Dec 2017)

  • Achieve 250,000 subscribers on YouTube (completed 15th Oct 2018)

  • Achieve 500,000 subscribers on YouTube

Collab with another dedicated YouTuber (completed April 2017 - Eve!!)

Write an eBook

Create an online course

Achieve 50,000 followers on Instagram (completed summer 2018)

  • 100,000 followers on Instagram

Speak at a school & motivate Year 11/sixth form students

Give a TEDtalk

Attend SITC

Attend VidCon (completed 16th/17th Feb 2019)

  • Be a featured creator at VidCon (official speaker in Feb 2019)

Write a novel (completed a fanfic 150,000+ words in 2015 haha?)

Write a book and publish it

Walk into a bookshop and take a photo with a book being sold that I’ve written

Complete Camp NaNoWriMo

Start a podcast (The Wooden Spoon, Feb 2019)

  • chart in UK Top 10 podcasts (completed Feb 2019)

  • chart as UK no.1 (completed Feb 2019)

  • reach 100,000 listens

Start my own podcast

Host a meet up (completed summer 2017)

  • Host a meet up with 100+ people (completed Oct 2019)

Host a seminar on self confidence/body confidence/self love for teenage girls

Host educational conference, with other StudyTubers

Volunteer consistently for 2 years (completed Sep 2017, SportsAble)

  • Volunteer consistently for 5 years

Invent a vegan recipe & publish it somewhere, even though I’m an AWFUL cook haha

Be featured in local newspaper for my YouTube channel (completed March 2018)

  • Be on front cover of local newspaper (May 2018)

Be featured in national news (completed 2018 ~ The Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph, BBC News, The Sun, The Daily Mail, Metro)

Be featured on TV (completed July 2018 ~ biology exam!)

  • Speak live on TV (completed August 2018 ~ BBC The One show)

  • Be interviewed properly on live TV (almost completed on Sky Sunrise before they cut me due to breaking news. COMPLETED April 2019, Sky News. StudyTube research.)

Present a TV show

Interview a celebrity

Be taken abroad by a brand (completed April 2018, Disney took me to Geneva!)

Attend a film premiere on the red carpet (completed Sept 2018)

  • Be “featured guest” with “VIP” seats at premiere

Start a website (you’re looking at it!)

  • Write 10 blog posts

Create an UnJaded product that I love and believe in. Donate % profits to charity. Ethically sourced. (completed Nov 2018, Motivated Ts)

  • create another line of products that also help people, particularly academically (ethically produced etc)

Skill Goals:

Become fluent in Dutch (be able to have a full unbroken conversation with cousins and fluently understand films)

Go on intensive Dutch course in the Netherlands

Understand and be able to use all tenses in French

Go on intensive French course in France

Live with a host family in France

Learn how to surf (completed in Australia Jan/Feb 2019)

  • Learn how to catch green waves

Feel confident and proficient in practising 3 yoga inversions

Improve public speaking (spoke at Miss Varz’s Meet & Greet, gave motivational speech at NCS wave, two Head Girl speeches, four assemblies, spoken at Meet Ups, MindShare panel, VidCon panel).

Speak on professional panels at events (completed Mindshare event Dec 2018, VidCon Feb 2019)

  • speak on a panel with an individual that I knew of before (VidCon Feb 2019)

Participate in a hackathon

Travel (& Miscellaneous) Goals

Backpack solo (completed Sep 2018)

  • backpack solo for more than one month

Interrail 5 countries in Europe (completed Sep/Oct 2018)

  • interrail 5 countries in Eastern Europe

Visit Australia (completed Jan/Feb 2019)

  • visit Uluru in Australia

Visit New Zealand

Complete a WorkAway in another country

Backpack 3 countries in South East Asia

Explore Galapagos islands

Visit tropical rainforest and partake in conservation

Visit Serengeti National Park

Visit 3 countries in Africa

See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play

Volunteer abroad (ethically) for longer than 4 weeks

Skydive (tandem) abroad (completed Jan 2019, Australia)

  • skydive over the ocean on a clear, sunny day

Be an extra in a feature film

Bungee jump (completed Feb 2019, Australia)

Go on yoga retreat abroad

Hike the Inca Trail (Machu Picchu)

See the Aurora Borealis

Visit Bali

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Climb to Everest base camp

Live in the Netherlands for more than 3 months

Live in at least 4 countries for a period of longer than 2 months

Life Goals

Learn more about biological family (Dad has adopted father.)

Learn more about Indonesian family and visit Indonesia

Start a charity/work for a charity

Help, inspire and motivate young people (continuous goal)

Strive to inspire through positivity (continuous hehe)

Work a job/career that makes me happy and helps others/environment (always!!)