Reset Challenge

Click the timetable to download a printable pdf of the challenge!

Click the timetable to download a printable pdf of the challenge!


It’s Mid-School-Year. Motivation is lacking.

Sometimes, we all need a reset.

Accompanied by a video you can find on my channel, I designed this easy 1-week Reset Challenge for free to refine aspects of your life, such as focusing on wellbeing, inspiring you to change up your schoolwork routine (using the Pomodoro technique and Blurting to aid productive revision!), as well as reviewing your goals and reflecting on how you work.

The aim of this challenge is for you to become more self-aware. Awareness in where you’re at and how you’re working is where positive change can occur. Tracking a new habit for a week, redefining your goals and getting off your phone… it’s a start.

This challenge empowers mindset, including the introduction of positive affirmations each day which may sound cheesy, but I promise will improve your mood and confidence over time.

Following the completion of this challenge, I hope that trying new things in your routine allows you to refine what you wish to repeat again, what you can change in your life and what you’ll prioritise. Send me a DM/message/email if you complete it! Tell me what you’ve learned about the way you work and operate.

Go try some new things, switch up your routine and get inspired!