20 Facts About Me!!

Hey guys! Welcome to 20 cheeky facts about me...

 Despite the fact I'm fairly certain that YouTube provides a winning insight into my life, I thought this would be a fun blog post to delve into my life a little more.

Enjoy x

  1. I’ve always loved animals, but growing up I was never actually allowed to have a pet. It was only when I was in Year 5 and won money from a creative writing competition that I persuaded my parents to let me have a hamster. I think my expert care was what led me to also being allowed 2 rabbits soon after ;)

  2. Anyone who’s been with me for a while probably knows my little dog Willow. I honestly used to want a dog so badly that I would script powerpoints to my parents, incessantly send them emails, decorate my room with propaganda posters of dog breeds and basically proving my worthiness as an owner. I got Willow at the age of 13 (best day ever).

  3. As a child, the only job I was interested in was being an author. I wrote stories almost every day! My favourite was called something along the lines of “Lost in the Snow”, about an Arctic fox cub who lost her mother, who then met a husky puppy who lost her sled team. I also wrote a fan fiction on Wattpad as a teenager, but we don’t talk about that…

  4. I was born on St Patrick’s Day 2000 *cue the clovers and leprechauns*

  5. I am therefore Pisces, and while I love the idea of astrology, I’m not sure how much I believe it.

  6. I HATE quick mental maths under pressure, especially with lots of people watching. The fear of failure is overwhelming.

  7. One of my biggest goals is to become fluent in Dutch again. My Mum is from the Netherlands and all my Dutch cousins speak no English! I’m so sad that over the years, my knowledge of the language has been reduced to broken understanding and scattered words.

  8. I used to go to an acting class every week which I LOVED. We did a performance of Wicked, and I got to play Galinda. I’m actually going to see Wicked again in the West End for the second time this December, and I cannot wait.

  9. I went through a phase of wanting nothing more than to be an actor in movies and on TV. I signed up to a website for casting calls, researched agents, learned audition monologues and dreamed of working on set. Nothing ever arose out of it, nor did I really pursue it fully, but I hope to one day be on set for something, even as an extra!

  10. Despite being a generally very productive and hardworking person, I am inherently messy and lazy. My room is an organised bomb 🙃

  11. Although it terrifies me, I LOVE public speaking. The thrill of being up there; the opportunity to portray a message and engage with an audience. It’s exciting.

  12. I think secretly my YouTube career started with my clunky laptop back in 2008. I used to film videos on my webcam all the time, just chatting about life or learning to use the awful effects back in the day.

  13. I love being in nature, and it’s where I feel most at home. I love learning about plants and animals and how they interact, part of what makes biology so fascinating to me.

  14. I rarely lie in and pretty much never nap as it somehow makes me feel more tired? I am definitely a creature of habit and routines, and I’ve pretty much always been an early bird at night and in the morning.

  15. I believe in the power of being nice to everyone, even those who hurt or dislike you. I’ve learned that you just cannot begin to know what is going on in another person’s life, and any negativity they display is only reflecting the lack in their life.

  16. I volunteer with disabled children every week for the charity SportsAble and I absolutely adore it. The children are the most beautiful, happy humans, and they express so much gratitude as soon as they hit the water. Some of these children can hardly walk on land, but can swim like little fish in the pool. It’s so so important.

  17. As work experience for when I wanted to be a vet, I used up every free school holiday. I went to a farm, stables, animal rescues, a veterinary practice and more… lots of work, but lots of learning.

  18. My Dad is unfortunately away a lot due to his job. It pays the bills and you get used to it, but it’s not always fun.

  19. I’m a HORRIFIC and very messy cook, but I enjoy it. I love being experimental!

  20. I think change is scary, and I’m often resistant to it, but I am certain that it is where growth occurs - right at the end of your comfort zone.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of getting to know me! I just posted a 50 Facts About Me over on my channel just in case you wanted a few more.

I hope you have a beautiful rest of the day. Let me know what your favourite thing about yourself is...

Enjoy a photo of Rose and Cinnamon, sadly missed x

Enjoy a photo of Rose and Cinnamon, sadly missed x

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