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A New Path: Welcome.
November 2017

If you're here and you're reading this, I guess I have to thank you, for it means you hold some kind of belief in my endeavours. A new path. A new route of connection.

My journey to self confidence
February 2018

It's easy to imagine that I've always been as confident as I am today, though this is hardly true. Around the age of 13, I hit puberty, and being clad in chunky braces and watching my thighs inflate led to a downward spiral of self esteem.

20 Facts about me
November 2017

Alongside my video '50 Rapid-Fire Facts About Me', this post is just another thing to help you get to know me even more ;) x



Though I respect everyone’s dietary choices, I am incredible proud to be vegan.

From ethical reasons, environmental factors to feeling much healthier in this lifestyle, I love sharing vegan recipes, products and inspo.


Productivity & Studying

I love learning. Always have done, always will do.

School though… that’s a different ball game. The predictable slog of exams; the endless need for self-motivation, ultimately trying to smash that revision with new and innovative techniques.

Both on my channel and on this blog, I truly hope to offer some (actually) helpful advice to aid you in your academic life. Though, at the end of the day, I believe that the real game changer is mindset.

P.S I am very unqualified to give advice ahahaha - no PhD in The Art of Studying. Everything I say is just from experience!




I remember being 13, crawling to the height of puberty, clad in chunky braces and struggling with an ever growing bush of hair (which I used to brush then.... mistakes). I got social media. Followed models. Admired other people who glowed with a confidence that seemed so foreign. Began to feel as though my own body was inadequate. Ugly.

I look back at that time almost in disbelief. How could I loathe a body that kept me alive? That was healthy, strong, and flawed only because I was made to believe so. 

Love your skin, my friends. Stretch marks, rolls and all. ❤️ Love your body, for it keeps you alive and breathing even when you may scrutinise it.


Welcome to the UnJaded Family

just in case you forgot. just in case you haven't been told today, or perhaps in a while, you are so loved.

you are worthy of more than you know. you are radiant. kind. thank you for being here today and for gracing me with your presence.

it means a lot.

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